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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

This week's menu plan comes on a week when we're really eating on a budget.  We're trying to pay off our house and have a plan set in place to do it.  Our discretionary spending was high in the first half of our billing cycle so this week and next week it's all about eating on a major budget, eating out of our freezer, being creative.

Here's what's on tap:
Monday: Breakfast for dinner (burritos, pancakes)
Tuesday: kebabs, rice, grilled veggies
Wednesday: pulled pork sandwiches, chips
Thursday: grilled chicken, ramen salad
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: shrimp and grits
Sunday: burgers and fries

I've already put in my grocery order and it was $61.  Not too bad considering that includes a bunch of chicken that is on special (for next week).

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