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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Giving this another go

A long break from blogging and I find that I miss it.  I realize my audience is mostly just me, but I like organizing my thoughts and chronicling my work at the house.  I've done a lot of projects recently and I'll try my best to do some posts.  I've got some amazing before and after pictures of my porch.

G is in Kindergarten and is blossoming.  He loves his teacher and recognizes his strengths and weaknesses.  In just a few short weeks he's developed a love and passion for reading and writing.  I'm amazed because I tried for five years to give him that spark.  He's reading so well and writing in all of his spare time.  He's also in a year-round swim program and I love the focus and structure it gives him.  He's finally figured out side-breathing and his form is at least 1000 times better now than it was at the beginning of the summer. 

The Bear is also going through lots of growth.  He's learned how to potty so we're all done with diapers.  I cannot believe he figured it out before he was three years old.    Seriously, I'm thrilled.  I can't say that his learning process was easier than when G did  - but A learned about four, almost five months earlier than G did so a few more accidents were to be expected I suppose.  But we're done with diapers and into a new phase of life.  With G being gone all day the Bear has also found his own voice and is so chatty.  He has the funniest things to say.

I'm just starting to come out from under the overwhelming exhaustion of the first month of school.  G's school starts at 7:20 so my days start at 6am.  Unlike in my 20s when if I needed to be up at 6am it just made more sense to stay up all night, now I have to function all day long with a very very active preschooler.  I'm still spinning and I've added yoga to my exercise routines.  I need to get back clean eating to give myself the energy I'm lacking.  Right now I'm getting through my days.  What I want is to excel every day, to spend every moment with a flourish.  Forget the extra mile, I want to go the extra marathon.  Grandiose, yes, but why not aim to get the most out of life?

And so, with that, I will get back to organization, to trying new things, to crafting and sewing, to doing the things that give me peace and joy and love.

I'll start with giving you the menu I've planned for the week.

Monday:  French Onion Soup, grilled cheese.  (I make the soup from scratch and it is so so delicious.  The pot huge and I'll have delicious hot lunches all week long)
Tuesday: Tacos, beans, beans, rice, salad
Wednesday: Out with a friend during D&D
Thursday: Spaghetti, green beans, garlic bread, salad
Friday: Steak, salad, grilled veggies
Saturday: Homemade Pizza
Sunday: burgers and fries