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Friday, August 5, 2011

Book Report: Island of Lost Girls

I'm bored with TV and playing on the internet so I've been doing a lot of reading.  Here it is, August 5th and I'm turning in my 1st book report for the month.  My wonderful friend Megan sent me Island of Lost Girls promising a quick yet creepy read.

And she was (mostly) right.  It was a very quick read though I have to say I wasn't super creeped out by it.  A general story about an abduction that happens in broad daylight with several side-plots happening both in the past and with another child abduction that takes place several states away, Island of Lost Girls has a decent mystery element to it.  Author Jennifer McMahon seems to go a touch formulaic with the "it's too obvious" bad guy who may or may not really be a bad guy.  A few of the plot "twists" were also  very see-through and written quite shallowly.
And, without giving too much away, this story takes place in an incredibly screwed up little town.  I suspect the Visitors Bureau of Vermont will not include this on a tourism list anytime soon.
The book did manage to hold my interest despite the bizarre, constant Alice in Wonderland imagery.  Worth a quick read, perfect for something to do while waiting for your kids to be done with swim class.


  1. I tried to read this book last year (I think?) and I just looked it up in my LibraryThing (I have to keep a list of the books I've read or I forget! LOL) to see why I didn't remember it and now I remember why... I never finished it! I wanted to like it and it seemed like a book I'd find interesting, but I just couldn't get into it. If I remember correctly I felt like the characters were underdeveloped or something. It's unusual for me not to finish a book I've started. I'm glad you enjoyed it as a quick read though!

  2. Stephanie - I can see where it wouldn't be worth a finish. The characters were absolutely shallow and inconsistent. Thanks for stopping by!