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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday weigh-in

Have you missed my weigh-in reports?
Yea, well, I hate the scale.
This week.  -1.8 lbs.
But I'm still gigantic, so let's not get excited.
Let's get excited, instead, that we've joined a gym!  We joined initially for their pools, which are outdoor and awesome.  I don't really know how to do summer without a pool and so I've been incredibly happy.  When we joined I made it very clear to the family that I was joining for the pool and that the fact that they have gym equipment was nice but I just wasn't going to use it.
Well, they also have 2 hours of free child care and I've got those 5K and 10K goals.
So I've been exercising for more than an hour every day. 
Yep, that's right.
I'm feeling really good too.
I've signed up for a 5k next week and I think I'll do one at our local zoo in August then I'll do Race for the Cure in October.  I'm struggling to find a local 10k, but we'll see.
Today I took a "gentle" yoga class.
I am officially less flexible than a super overweight elderly man.
The class was weird, it was taught by Gail Simmons' twin sister and the girl on the mat next to me looked just like my mom's cousin.  Weird.  Not sure if I'll do that class again but maybe.

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  1. I am way excited that you are at the Sports Center! I bet it's grand. I dream of running (ok, let's be realistic, I would walk quickly) on a tred mill while my children are being cared for by someone else. Perhaps I would read a People Magazine. Oh that would be the life. :)