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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I sat at my sewing machine for 45 minutes tonight.  I drifted between three projects.  Two skirts and cloth napkins.  I ended up hating all of the projects.  Totally scrapped one skirt.  The other is about to be scrapped.  The cloth napkins - ugh - those are all folding seams and ironing.  Very little sewing.  I've lost my sewing motivation ever since Megan moved away. 
But it's not just a lack of sewing motivation.  I've tried to muddle through Anna Karenina but can't get involved, thus I'm behind on my 12 books goal.
I've been so focused on making sure I hit the gym, eat right and take the boys swimming as often as possible that by the time the boys are in bed and the house is clean I'm just pooped.
I think I want to start another quilt.

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  1. Quilts are way more fun than napkins - maybe you just need a different project? PS - I hated Anna Karenina. I can understand you not getting into it. Are you looking for just anything to read, or do you have a list?