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Monday, July 18, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Time to plan out our family meals for the week.  Dinner is getting to be sort of challenging since we're spending so many afternoons at the pool, getting home when it's dinner time and everyone is sort of out of their minds with hunger and fatigue.  I've been trying to make dinners ahead as much as possible but this week I'm going to plan for lots of dinners that I can throw together within 15 or so minutes of getting home or cook ahead and serve cold (which my husband will not be happy about since he likes a hot dinner)

Monday:  Hamburgers and Fries (we were going to have this Sunday as per usual but picked up hot and                ready pizza our way home from the pool instead)
Tuesday: haystacks.  I can make the rice ahead and reheat it, simmer the chicken all afternoon and cut up the veggies ahead so we're all ready to go.
Wednesday: chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, green beans.  Okay, so this isn't so easy to make ahead.
Thursday: Spaghetti bake.  I can cook it all during Andy's nap and then put it in the oven and set the oven timer to turn on 30 minutes before we get home.
Friday: pizza.  (I can pre cook the dough and add toppings so it goes straight into the oven when we get home)
Saturday:  Steak, rice, grilled veggies (we usually hit the pool in the morning)
Sunday: hamburgers and fries.

Here's hoping everyone has a fun, productive, organized week!


  1. Maybe you should start trying out some crockpot meals. Nothing better than walking in hungry to a house smelling of good hot food.

  2. Yea but Jen - crockpots are so nasty!!!!!!

  3. When I read your menu I miss your tacos. Even if tacos are not on the menu, I still miss them.

  4. awww We'll never have tacos again without me wishing you were here to eat them!!