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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuneful Tuesday

It's tuneful Tuesday!  I have eclectic and often obscure taste in music. I'm also always looking for a new song to fall in love with.  So here's how Tuneful Tuesday will work.  I'll list the songs I'm craving this week.  You list yours and I'll check them out.  It's a great way to hear new stuff on a good recommendation. 

1) "Kate" (Ben Folds Five, Whatever and Ever Amen).  Ben has done this song live at every concert I've been to.  Recently I've been listening to the original and it's really rockin.

2) "Love You Madly" (Cake, Comfort Eagle)  This song is fantastic.  It says a lot of about love.  "All the dishes rattle in the cupboards when the elephants arrive."  Isn't that the truth?

3) "Bold as Love" (John Mayer, Continuum) This is a cover of a Jimi Hendrix tune that is also fantastic.

4) "Does Your Mother Know" (Mamma Mia!, The Movie Soundtrack)  This is a cougar tune that makes me want to get together an audition and sing and dance to this song in public.

So what's stuck in your head this week?


  1. I'm totally into "Uprising" by Muse. With headphones and the volume cranked all the way up!

  2. "Animal" by Neon Trees and "Seven Spanish Angels" by Willie Nelson and Ray Charles.