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Friday, March 4, 2011

Super Boy!

Have you been following MADE's "Let's Hear it for the Boys!" month?  I've been excitedly reading the blogs every day and when I saw the tutorial for super hero capes I jumped up and down and cheered.  This is the perfect thing to make for my nephew's 5th birthday.
Economical *and* easy?  It's all true.
I don't have much to add to add to the tutorial.  I did an appliqué star rather than fabric paint (I know, shocker, right?).  I also did not trim the bottom as Michael is really tall.
This is a very quick, very easy project that a non-sewer could do with no issue using a glue gun or fabric glue for the Velcro and fabric paint to embellish the cape.  The best part of something like this is that it can be customized to any personality.  Is your kiddo great at reading?  Decorate the cape with a book!    Do they love broccoli?  Aha! Captain Broccoli!
Here's my youngest modeling the cape before it was wrapped and shipped to Texas.

I purchased a new shirt for this (since it's a gift) but I'll make capes for both of my boys and they'll come from dad's old shirts thus making it a no-cost project.

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  1. Sooo cute! I have been wanting to try making some of these. The "Boys" series is so great. I do find myself sewing more for Andi than for Jacob and it's a good reminder that there are lots of projects out there for boys to love. Thanks for sharing!!