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Monday, March 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Here we are again!
Monday... a brand new week.
Here's what we've got cooking this week:

Monday: Pork chops (shake & Bake), homemade mashed potato with fresh cream,   roasted green beans.

Tuesday(meatless): Pasta Alfredo, broccoli.

Wednesday: Chicken Tacos.  (I'll boil and "pick" a whole chicken so as to have enough chicken for Thursday)

Thursday:  Chicken Haystacks.

Friday: Homemade Pizza

Saturday: sausage and pepper sandwiches, beans, salad

Sunday: burgers and fries

We need better meatless variety!!!

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  1. Well, just moseying on over for dinner ideas. I have a great broccoli and cheese chowder recipe (we call it cheesy chowder) that is meatless if you want it. Not that my kids eat it, but it is a hit with everyone else in the family.