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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A second birthday

Andy turned two today and what a fun day we've had.
We threw a simple family party with a Curious George theme.  Every party idea came from the PBS kids website.
First we made an awesome Curious George cake.  I was so nervous about doing this but I'm pretty happy with out it turned out.

A few things about how my cake is different than what the PBS Kids directions suggest.  First, I used a cake pan rather than a glass bowl.  I'm guessing the glass bowl gives the cake more dimension and roundness.  The cake pan worked great though.  Also, I couldn't find caramel or butterscotch frosting so I mixed chocolate and vanilla to get the shade of tan I wanted.

Next for the decorations.  I cut out circles using my cricut and made the hanging streamers.  I printed out the party hats from the PBS website as well as the confetti.

Check out the cute monkey plates we found at our local grocery store!

For the birthday lunch I used this recipe found thanks to Pinterest.  The taste-alike Chick-fil-a nuggets were delicious and darn near the real thing.

All in all, our Curious George party was so much fun and so easy and Andy had an amazingly fun day.
Looking for pictures??  Come back tomorrow!  We did something really special for birthday pictures and I'm excited to share them with you all.

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