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Friday, June 24, 2011

A rash of discoveries

Pardon the health-related (rather than craft-related) post but I want to share for anyone who may be searching for answers.
For the past several years anytime I would go out in the sun I would burn instantly and then develop an incredibly itchy rash all over my arms and especially at the tops of my legs.  The itch was incessant and every summer I would find myself coated in Calamine lotion and popping Benadryl to cope.  It didn't matter how long I was outside or what we were doing, the rash always reared its ugly head.  My solution was to simply press on but do as little as I can outside.  Unfortunately, I also feel strongly about spending summers by the pool, ocean or in the mountains.  By August I've usually been outside enough that the rash is an ever-present sort of horror show that I just accept as the price of being Julianna.
Now, Julianna, you may ask, what did the doctor or dermatologist say about the rash?  Of course, I never talked to an expert because, well, honestly, I hate being weighed at the doctor's office so I avoid going at all costs.  Even if that means an itchy rash.
I finally reached the point this summer though that the rash was itchy enough to make the weight humiliation worth it.  But I did one last Dr. Google search.
And I found my answer.
I googled:  "itchy rash every time I'm in the sun."
I came up with several sites that hinted at a sun-allergy.
Hm, that just doesn't even sound possible.
I found one girl on one health-forum who posted very similar symptoms and she recommended switching to a broad-spectrum oil-free sunscreen.
Well, folks, it works like a charm.
For the past two weeks rather than crafting or blogging I've been at the pool or the beach.  No rash.  None.  As a matter of fact, my skin is softer and smoother than ever.
So, moral of the story, itchy rash caused by sun exposure:  cure = switch to a broad-spectrum oil free sunscreen and you'll be enjoying summer rather than enduring it.
We've joined at a gym through August (another post about that coming up) and this gym has 3 amazing pools.  It's sweltering here in Charlotte but I actually find myself looking forward to the hot afternoons since we have a cool place to spend our time.
Sometimes life's not so bad.
(Ben Fold's fans know the next line)

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  1. This is crazy! Did you ever watch "Gidget"? Her best friend Luann was allergic to the sun and always went to the beach covered in a mumu, a giant floppy hat, and huge glasses. Thank goodness for the sunscreen! PS - you are an awesome mom for spending these last summers in the sun regardless.

    Also, every time you say Charlotte I smile because of my Charlotte. She is so pleased to have a town with her name and a mom with a friend in that town. :)