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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Old Picture Frames updated

The boys got the neatest sign from my Aunt for Christmas.

It's so cute!
I knew exactly where I wanted to hang it... right between the boys' rooms.
And I knew exactly what to put with it... pictures of the boys.  What I didn't have was frames that matched the Christopher Robin sign.
So I got up into the attic and got out some old picture frames and went to work.

I sanded the frames... painted them blue first... then put a crackle medium on top... then white.
There are no step-by-step pictures or directions because it all turned out like a hot mess at first.  I just kept painting and crackling and painting and sanding and painting .until they finally turned out like I wanted.
And here it is:

I really like how it turned out in the end.  It adds a lot of character to the wall and was worth all of the trouble in the end.


  1. LOVE the entire collection of pictures! And of course I love the sign as well. Oh Christopher Robin, you are so wise.

  2. I LOVE how your frames turned out and I absolutely love the quote. You did a great job!! I bet it makes you happy every time you pass it.