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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fundies and a lovey quilt

An unfortunate cold has kept me down but I'm not out! 
My crafty projects are back in full swing.
First, a shirt and some "fundies" (fun undies) for our local LLL silent auction.  I am so in in love with the fundies.

The t-shirt I'm a little iffy on.  It's supposed to be "Get a Clue" as in Blue's Clues.  When I showed it to the family though the said "Get a paw" and well, crap.  It's sort of cute still but man, it must not read right.

 I also made a little lovey-quilt for a special baby born this week.  I made up my own pattern for this and I think it came out pretty cute.  I also free-quilted it which was a first and was sort of like dancing at my sewing machine.  I'm not going to lie, it has one seriously busted corner.  I fixed it but it wasn't pretty.
 One thing I have to learn to do is slow down and enjoy quilting.  Not every project can or should be done in an hour but I am impatient and that gets me into trouble with sloppy seams and corners that I have to re-do.  Patience is one virtue I was not blessed with and I'm trying my best to learn to slow down and do things more thoughtfully.  Not just in quilting but in life. 


  1. Those Fundies crack me up!! Awesomeness! I really want to try free-hand quilting on my machine but I'm chicken. you did great though! And I love your quilt design. I can see what you meant on the shirt. I thought it said "Get a Paw" and I was trying to work that out in my mind. Sorry it didn't come across the way you meant it - it's very cute now that I get it!!

  2. omg- i had to put away all my crafts because i was giving myself craft anxiety. seriously, i have to learn that same little lesson about things not getting done in an hour over and over over.....
    BTW - your stuff is super cute! love the undie grundies!