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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Motivated Moms

I'd like to bring your attention to Motivated Moms. Similar to "Fly Lady" but profoundly more effective for this family, Motivated Moms is a year-long home cleaning and organization system. Each week you have a new "sheet" that lists your every day tasks as well as special tasks to complete that day. Using their system I have been able to keep my house pretty clean with about 90 minutes worth of effort per day.
I, personally, function best with a physical checklist and get fantastic satisfaction from physically crossing things off my list rather than clicking a dot on my iphone.
If you're looking for a way to get and keep the house in nice condition check out the Motivated Moms.

Resolution watch:
Two days in and I'm doing great! I actually finished a quilt top yesterday. I need to get batting, backing and binding to finish it off, hopefully, tomorrow. Blog post with pictures will naturally follow.

And if you'd like to see the other pea to my pod, check out Follow Your Bliss, a new crafty blog by my crafty, quilty, funny, read-y, mommy doppleganger Megan. Please note: we did not know about each other's resolutions until after they'd been posted. Think there's a reason we get along so well?

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  1. I am sooo going to this web site. It's just what I need to get my house clean (not just tidy). Thanks!